About us

Our methodology adapts to each client’s business needs to bring customized QoS/QoE monitoring solutions that meet their expectations. We strongly rely on innovation to bring the best technology to our customers in order to help them making the right decision.

Understand your network to make better decisions!

Percevio is a young innovative French SME created in 2013 and located in Paris. It is specialized in the development of software solutions targeting multi-media services (e.g., video conference solution based on WebRTC). Its research activities are related to monitoring of multimedia services and telecommunication networks based on DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology. It has been working in the development of network monitoring tools capable to perform traffic inspection and performance monitoring to provide real time input to network operators and consuming services venders. The tools allow obtaining real-time visibility of traffic statistics, KPIs, delivered QoS and estimated QoE.

The company has a multimedia monitoring tool that estimates user QoE from the network level for several video formats (e.g., MP4, MP4-Dash). In addition, the company has developed a web solution that enables peer to peer audio/video and data sharing between browsers.

Percevio monitoring solution combines data capture, filtering and storage, events extraction and statistics collection, analysis and reporting providing, network, application, flow and user level visibility. Through its real-time and historical views, Percevio monitoring solutions facilitates performance monitoring and operation troubleshooting. Besides, Percevio develops a video quality estimation system that requires no reference video, but maps Quality of Service (QoS) properties of video traffic into user perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) in order to measure the impact of the network on the delivered video quality.

We believe that innovation is the key to development. That is why Percevio joined the industry-driven European research initiative CelticPlus.