Who are we?

Percevio is a French SME expert in the monitoring of network performance based on deep packet inspection technology. It develops software tools to build efficient network monitoring tools capable of monitoring multimedia services across distributed and parallel systems in large scale environments.

Our Products

  • Video conferencing Apps

  • Percevio video conference application is an easy solution to perform Web conference, share files and chat with remote persons. It is a secure and decentralized solution that allow the communication based on WebRTC technology without the usage of a centralized server. Your communication is safe and your privacy is granted. Learn more

  • Monitoring quality services

  • Percevio network traffic analysis solution integrates layer 7 application fingerprinting and analysis to identify hundreds of multimedia applications like business apps, mobile apps, social media, Youtube, Bittorrent and Skype. Percevio Application Visibility goes beyond IP addresses and port numbers by using layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) combining application signatures, protocol grammars and behavioural state machines to detect encapsulated and obfuscated traffic. In addition to the application identification, Percevio extracts a big number of application attributes (e.g. IP address, host name, response time, packet loss, jitter, etc.) to enable intelligent application centric reporting and trend analysis.